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Athletic Trainer:   Mackenzie Simmons


This year, we will be using two baseline tools for concussion testing—ImPACT and the Cleveland Clinic Concussion (C3) app.

  • ImPACT Testing: ImPACT is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool to help licensed healthcare providers evaluate and manage a suspected concussion. ImPACT is the industry leader in concussion management and trusted by teams and organizations around the world. This baseline test will be administered by an athletic trainer, and will be used as a return-to-play tool if an athlete sustains a concussion.
  • C3 Testing: Changing the trajectory of sports concussion care, the Cleveland Clinic Concussion (C3) mobile application is a tool used for assessing concussion symptoms. After baseline data are collected, the C3 app can be utilized to document the individual’s impairments, to assist in managing symptoms, and to help determine when recovery is complete. The C3 app compares assessments of balance, reaction time, memory and vision after a hit to baseline and normative data. The app-based assessment pinpoints the areas of most concern and helps guide therapy over time.

C3 testing has not been implemented at Cloverleaf in a couple years. This means that every athlete on your roster needs to come and get a C3 baseline; this will help with the return-to-play process if a concussion occurs. For ImPACT testing, it is usually incoming freshmen and juniors that have to take a baseline test.  Also, if an athlete had a concussion within the last year, a new baseline test also has to be established. If you have any questions about which of your athletes have to take the ImPACT, feel free to send me an e-mail and I can look up the athlete for you. Also, if you have a tentative roster that you are using, I can also look up the names for you to see who needs to take the ImPACT test.

The testing date will be Wednesday, June 28th from 8:00am-12:00pm. During this time, we will have staff members of the Concussion Center present to do baseline C3 testing, and we are also able to use the library this year to get baseline ImPACT testing done as well. This is mandatory for all contact and collision sports (football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, softball, baseball). However, any athlete who participates in a non-contact sport has the option to come get baseline tested as well.  Please have your athletes report to the high school cafeteria at the assigned time for each season. Multi-sport athletes should show up for the time of the first season you participate in.

8:00am—Fall sports
9:30am—Winter sports
11:00am—Spring sports

*Please wear athletic shorts and have socks for balance testing.

*The ImPACT test is valid for two years. If you are unsure if you need to retake the ImPACT test or have any other questions, please contact me at

Mackenzie Simmons, AT, MSEd, ATC
Cloverleaf High School Athletic Trainer
Cleveland Clinic Brunswick FHC


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