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Athletic Trainer:   Mackenzie Simmons

Dear Parents and Athletes:

We will continue to utilize the ImPACT Concussion Management System for this upcoming season. In preparation for this, I would like to ask all freshmen and junior athletes who participate in contact and collision sports to take a baseline test at home (or any athletes that were not previously baseline tested). I would also like any athlete who was diagnosed with a concussion within the past year to take a new baseline test. The baseline test will serve as a benchmark for your cognitive abilities and concussion symptoms prior to your suffering a concussion. Each baseline is good for two years. This allows us to compare your results to “normative data” for your age group.

In the event you unable to take the test prior to the start of the season, time will be made available to complete the test. It is mandatory for all athletes participating in a sport at Cloverleaf High School to have a baseline test on file prior to starting in-season practice.

Taking the ImPACT test at Home:

  1. ImPACT test works best with Google Chrome or Firefox. Try not to use Internet Explorer
  2. Type in the following link:

  1. Click on “Launch Baseline Test”
  2. Access code is KVTEE5KHD4
  3. Follow the prompts and begin the test.
  4. When asked, select “Enter Additional Demographics”

Keys to taking the test:

  • Make sure you have pop-up blockers turned off
  • You must have an external mouse which is wired to your computer
  • Read the directions and follow them
  • Focus on the test and do not try to speed through.

*Most invalid tests occur because you have not read/followed the directions or you tried to speed through it. If your test is deemed invalid, you will be required to take it again.


Thank you,

Mackenzie Simmons AT, MSEd, ATC





**If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at

Taking Impact Test at Home