Colts News · New Fee Payment Options / Procedures

New July 1 2020 fee options

Cloverleaf Local School District is pleased to announce all contactless lunch and fee
payments beginning July 1, 2020. No cash will be accepted at any office, by any teacher, or in
the school lunch line.

Please see below for payment option details.
On-line payments may be made using PaySchools (convenience fee applies).  Payschools accounts may be set up using a checking
account or credit card payment method. Please visit .
Credit card payments may be made by calling your school building office (no convenience fee).
Checks and money orders will be accepted via mail or in the district drop box located in the vestibule at the Central Office entrance
(north entrance) of the high school. Payments will not be accepted by teachers or school offices. Checks mailed or left in the dropbox
must include specific instructions on how the payment should be applied. Envelopes will be provided at the dropbox. Mail
checks/money orders to: Cloverleaf Treasurer’s Office, 8525 Friendsville Rd., Lodi OH 44254.