Colts News · Cloverleaf Concussion Testing Date: July 10th

Cloverleaf Concussion Testing Wednesday, July 10th 1-4

  Who: ALL incoming freshmen and juniors who plan on playing a sport during the 2019-2020 school year should come to the high school and get a baseline ImPACT and C3 test done. If you did not take the ImPACT test last year, then you need to take it this year. All athletes who sustained a concussion last year also need to re-take their baseline test this year.

What: The Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center will be conducting baseline testing on the iPad. This includes cognitive and balance modules. ImPACT testing will also be completed in the library.

Where: Cloverleaf High School Library

When: Each sport is assigned a time listed below. Please plan to stay for roughly one hour.

1:00—Boy’s soccer, girl’s soccer, cross-country

1:45—Football, boy’s basketball, girl’s basketball

2:30—Wrestling, gymnastics, track, softball

3:15—Baseball, volleyball, and any other high school athlete that would like to be tested

4:00–Middle School ImPACT testing (this is optional for middle school athletes)

*Please wear athletic shorts and have socks for balance testing.

**If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at