Colts News · Colt Athlete Spotlight: Wrestling

Wrestling Feature: Kenny Jenkins

By Frank Stepp and Donavan Nichols

 Cloverleaf High School wrestler Kenny Jenkins has been doing great things for his team. Plenty of training goes into playing a sport like wrestling, and for Kenny it is no different.

  “I train five days a week and take the weekends off to rest,” Jenkins said.

 Wrestling is one of those sports that is not for the weak.

 “This is the toughest sport I can play,” Kenny said. “Things get hard because you’re pushing the limits to keep improving.”

 Everyone has a player in their sport that they look up to, and Kenny inspiration is David Taylor.

 “He is the definition of persistence,” Jenkins said.

 Kenny really enjoys the sport because it is individual, but at the same time, he has great teammates.

 “Everyone cheers each other on, and tries to make each other better,” Jenkins said.

 When he is not in competition, Jenkins spends a lot of his time outside.

 “I go fishing and ride my dirt bike with friends,” Kenny said.

 Like many good student-athletes, there is nothing better than his family’s support.

 “They support me no matter what,” Jenkins said.

 Kenny is a senior this year at CHS, and every day that goes by brings the whole high school experience a little closer to graduation.

 He said that this year is “not too bad.”

 Best of luck to Kenny and his teammates in the postseason!


Wrestling Feature: Logan Henderson

By Gunner Wilson and Jeremy Cottrell

 Logan Henderson is a senior at Cloverleaf High School. Logan is a wrestler on the CHS wrestling team.

 “I put about two hours a day in, and train by lifting and doing speed workouts,” said Henderson.

 Logan feels strongly that wrestling is one of the best sports.

 “It makes you realize that even in the hardest times, you need to push through it,” Henderson said.

 Logan loves being a part of the wrestling team. The team has done a good amount of winning this year and Logan believes there is a reason for it.

“We do everything we can to win every day,” Henderson said.

 In Logan’s spare time, he is either “working out” or “playing video games.” Logan’s family is very supportive no matter what.

 His favorite athlete of all time is retired Cleveland Browns’ offensive tackle Joe Thomas.

 “He would do everything he could no matter what for his team,” said Henderson.

 Logan recently won a PTC Metro Wrestling championship in the 285 weight class, and is excited for the OHSAA postseason.  Best of luck!