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Boys’ Basketball Feature: Colin Andel

By Nick Bailey

 Colin Andel is always the highlight of the Cloverleaf boys’ basketball team, whether it’s a game, practice, or hanging with the boys during the day.

 Andel, formally known as Mullet Boy, RonDelly, and Ronny, has the most style of the 21st century, always making him the center of attention.

 “It feels pretty good with where we are at in the season, and with the record we have,” RonDelly  said. “Expect a show from me for the rest of the season.”

 Andel is one of the major forces that drives and motivates the team to be successful. When he’s with the team, Colin is always nice and helping others.

 Outside of school and sports, we see a different side to Andel. He is ruthless on the Xbox, with his favorite games being Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black ops 4, Terraria, and Super Smash Bros.

 However, Colin’s life is much more than just the court and the console.

 Grooming and maintaining the famous mullet and the lifestyle around it consumes most of Colin’s time. Among owning a 4×4 truck with an American flag hanging out of the back, and drinking nothing but Arnold Palmers, there are many things in Ronny’s life that the world doesn’t get to see.

 “Yeah man, well, you said it, the mullet ain’t just a haircut, but a lifestyle,” Mullet Boy claims. “It takes a lot of work that goes into keeping everything in balance, but it’s all worth it to be this American and to look this fly around the clock.”

Boys’ Basketball Feature: Syler Jones

By Logan Tierney & Jordi Rodriguez

 Sylar Jones is a junior at Cloverleaf High School and is the team captain for the boys’ Varsity basketball team. Sylar has been playing basketball for a majority of his life and is now currently in his third year of playing high school basketball.

 He trains for basketball all throughout the week.

 “I spend about two hours a day that is dedicated to training and practicing for basketball,” said Jones.

 Jones is also involved in football. He is a wide receiver and free safety. Jones enjoys playing football, but dedicates most of his time to basketball.

 “I really enjoy football, but basketball is my favorite sport, and I enjoy it more,” Sylar explained.

 Jones is a great kid to be around and is well respected by his teammates. He plays his leadership role for his team greatly.  However, off the court, Jones likes to take his free time to relax.

 “I mostly watch TV and play video games in my free time when I’m not training or practicing for basketball and football,” said Jones.  

 This is Jones’ second consecutive year as a starting member on the Varsity basketball team and he is enjoying this season, and looking forward to the rest of his time.

 “It feels pretty good that I already have some Varsity experience. It makes it much easier to play on Tuesday and Friday nights. It gives me an advantage over our opponents who are first- year Varsity players,” Jones said.