Colts News · Colt Athlete Spotlight: Gymnastics

Gymnastics Feature: Kaylee Tabor

By Alex Sigmon

 Kaylee Tabor is a sophomore at Cloverleaf High School. She has been doing gymnastics for 11 years, though this is her second school season. Tabor is in the gym around 10 hours a week practicing her skills.

 Tabor did competitive gymnastics for Five-Star Gymnastics in Brunswick for six years. She took a two-year break in between competitive and school. When she isn’t practicing her flips and tricks, Tabor is either hanging out with friends or working out. The gymnastics team practices at Pinnacle Gymnastics in Medina almost every week day.

 The gymnastics team is a tight-knit group of girls. There are only eight girls on the team, so they are all very close.

 “Having a small team allows us to become closer and grow as a team,” Tabor says.

 Tabor competes in all four of the gymnastics events: bars, floor, vault, and beam. Out of the four, her favorite is floor. Floor is the event with the most self expression, as the gymnasts choreograph their own routine with the help of their coach.

 Their Head Coach is Stacy Thornburg. Thornburg has coached many seasons of gymnastics and greatly enjoys it.

 The girls are set to compete in Sectionals at West Geauga High School on Feb. 16 at 10 a.m.


Gymnastics Feature: Ashley Sigmon

By Michael Romanotto

 Ashley Sigmon is a freshman at Cloverleaf High School. She is one of the top gymnasts on our team and in the area.

 She really loves the sport and the feeling of being on the team.

 “I love being a part of the team and laughing and joking with my teammates,” Sigmon said.

 Ashley has plenty of experience with the sport.

 “This is my first high school season, but I’ve previously done club gymnastics for seven years,” she said.

 She really enjoys floor exercise because of the creativity you can put into the routines.

 Ashley has to put long hours in to continue to compete at a top level for gymnastics.  

 “I practice three to five days each week, and about 10 hours a week to get better,” Sigmon said.

 She has really enjoyed the season so far and the camaraderie.

 “I love to be around my team because we are all really close with each other and there is always positive energy,” Sigmon said. “The team is just fun to be around and we always are laughing with each other.”

 She is really close to her family, and they are an important part of the whole experience.

 “My family is just my sister, my dad, and I,” Sigmon said.  “My mom is who got me into gymnastics.”

 She says that school is going pretty well for her first year and she enjoys all of her classes and she likes her teachers.