Colts News · Colt Athlete Spotlight: Girls Basketball

Girls’ Basketball Feature: Gabby Roll

By Melinda Thielenhaus and Maria Porras

 Gabby Roll is a sophomore and student athlete here at Cloverleaf High School and is a girls Varsity basketball athlete.

 Some of her favorite basketball memories include the real simple things.

 “I have a lot of memories, but team dinners and hanging out with the team have to be my favorites,” Roll explained.

 Gabby has been playing basketball since she was younger, and is on her fourth year playing for Cloverleaf.

 Roll is a shooting guard for the JV and Varsity girls’ basketball teams. Her main objective is to score points for the team and steal the ball on defense.

 She holds a large role as a sophomore on the court.

 “My parents are my biggest motivators and they always support me even when I’m not having the best day or best game. I know they’ll encourage me to be my best,” said Roll.

 Roll also looks up to her parents for inspiration. She finds that they always have her back and endlessly support her.

 “My parents are my role models because they raised me to be a respectful person and I hope to be just like them when I grow up,” Roll said.

 She really enjoys the way the players and coaches get along.

 “Our amazing coaches led us to the Portage Trail Conference girls’ basketball championship title last year, and our family-type friendship we have within the team,” said Roll.

 She will keep this family on and off the court in her many years of basketball to come as she goes through high school. Already as a sophomore, she brings great things to the girls’ basketball program.

Girls’ Basketball Feature: Bailey Freeland

By Nikki Vargo and Faith Skrant

 The Cloverleaf girls’ basketball team has shown a lot of hardwork and dedication this season. One athlete in particular, Bailey Freeland, has tried her best to go above and beyond to end her last season strong.

 “I put at least one hour of practice in every day, and oftentimes, I go to the Rec Center to get in extra work on my shot and ball handling. I try to work on multiple sports during one season such as running to condition for track season,” stated Freeland.

 Trust and companionship is very important to Feeland when it comes to basketball and her teammates.

 “Basketball is great because it has multiple concepts that apply outside the court like the trust you have for your teammates, the need to work as a single unit, and the fact you get out as much as you put in,” explained Freeland.

 The team finished the regular season with a 12-10 overall record, and 9-5 in the PTC Metro.

 Although losing a few seniors last year, the team has still held strong together and are very close.

 “The best thing about being a part of my team is that they don’t take any of your complaining or self pity, but instead, they push you to move forward and become a stronger person,” stated Freeland.

 Other than basketball, Freeland takes part in cross country in the fall and track in the spring. With a very busy year filled with extracurriculars and sports, it can get stressful at times.

 “In my spare time, I love to read. It is very relaxing and allows me to take a step back from the stress and anxiety of every day’s obstacles. I also enjoy going out with my friends to eat, basketball games, and the movies,” claimed Freeland.

 The team will start the postseason at home on Feb. 21 when they welcome Padua to The Corral for a Sectional Final game.  Freeland is more than excited and ready to finish up strong.