Colts News · Colt Athlete Spotlight: Bowling

Boys’ Bowling Feature: Preston Haditsch

By Addie Davis & Kaila Kovick

 Close your eyes and think of a bowling alley. What do you see?

 Preston Haditsch has a good guess about what comes to mind for many people.

 “When I think of a bowling alley, I think of competition,” Haditsch said.

 The Cloverleaf High School bowling team is very skilled and determined to keep their record strong all season long.

 “Our bowling team record is 8-2 and I’m hoping we can keep going up from here,” Haditsch said earlier this season.

 Some matches are more memorable than others as the season goes on, especially against a rival like Norton.

 “The game against Norton at Charger Lanes was our best because it showed we could hold our own under pressure and come out on top,” Preston said.

  Haditsch is one of the top bowlers on a very deep and talented team.  He had a season-high game of 223 against Garfield earlier in the season.

  The boys have a JV team and a Varsity team, and the teams are like family and everyone is welcome no matter what class you are from, according to Haditsch.

 The team recently completed their PTC Championships where the Colts place 6th out of 11 teams, and now are getting ready for the postseason OHSAA state tournament.

Girls’ Bowling Feature: Alyssa Sandora

By Nyah Hansen and Lisi Benyak

 Alyssa Sandora is a sophomore at Cloverleaf High School and is on the girls’ bowling team this season. The Colts’ bowling team is having another good year, and the young program is continuing to grow.

Sandora believes bowling is a great sport.  She puts a lot of training into her sport with practices after school until 4:30 p.m. on several days a week.

 She finds bowling a fun sport to be in.

 “It is fun to participate in bowling and it is a very unique sport,” says Alyssa.

 Sandora likes being a part of the bowling team, and enjoys the sports mostly because everyone is so supportive of one another.

 “We all encourage each other,” Sandora said about the closeness of her teammates.

 In Alyssa’s free time, she can be found listening to music, playing her favorite video games, or drawing pictures.

Girls’ Bowling Feature: Bailey Lavery

By Gabby Gruber and Blake Wilson

 Bailey Lavery is a sophomore at Cloverleaf High School and is also a bowling athlete. Lavery has been bowling for two years now and loves every moment of it.

 Lavery has training two days, and one match every week. They practice at Strike and Spare Lanes in Lodi. The alley is ran by Head Coach Dennis Huffman, who Lavery says “is the man.”

 She enjoys spending time with her team.

 “It is fun and all my teammates are nice,” Lavery said.

 Bailey said she really enjoys being coached too.

 “I like being around the coaches because they are always pushing me to be my best and they are really relaxed and chill,” Lavery said.

 In Lavery’s free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and being with her family. She has two brothers who she loves being around.

 School is going great for Lavery. She is having a good time with her friends and enjoys the subjects that she is currently taking.

 Lavery hopefully will continue to bowl for the next two years of her high school career, and it will be fun to watch her grow and succeed as a bowler throughout high school.

 The girls’ bowling team is finishing up another strong season, and the future is bright for the Colts.

Boys’ Bowling Feature: Brandon Komlosi

By Louanna Blevins and Alec Grabowski

 Junior Brandon Komlosi is a bowling student athlete with a strong passion for the game. Komlosi enjoys bowling competitively, and also for fun.

 “In my spare time, I like to do more bowling with my friends and family,” he said.

 According to Komlosi, what makes the sport great is that he gets to do it with people he likes to hang out with, and he also enjoys going to bowling tournaments.

 “I like that everyone is positive and helps each other out whenever someone needs it,” Brandon said.

 His favorite athletes are J.R. Smith and Lebron James.

 “J.R. Smith is a hard worker and is always training, while Lebron is always perfecting his craft too,” Komlosi said.

 This school year is going well for Brandon. He strives for good grades, while putting in five or more hours of training in for bowling each week.