Colts News · Meet the Colts: Nolan Freeland

Boys’ Cross Country Feature: Nolan Freeland

By Sam Foster and Addie Davis

The Cloverleaf Colts cross country teams have been working hard all year to prepare for the postseason and they are poised to make a run that the team can be proud of under Head Coach Garth Gucker.

Colts’ runner Nolan Freeland feels the team is ready because of all the training and dedication the team members have been through.

“Our team is ready and confident,” Freeland said. “It’s gonna be a good challenge.”

The boys’ team is having a good go around so far this season. They have placed very high in their meets, and have shown a lot of improvement.  Freeland is very pleased with how his team is doing this year.

“Our team is better than last year,” Freeland explained. “We’ve already won a few meets that we haven’t won in a while.”

In his three years of cross country experience, he feels this is his “best season” as a runner.

When he’s not competing, or practicing, Freeland likes to spend quality time with his friends and family, especially his siblings, Riley and Bailey.

On the weekends, Freeland likes to take some time to spend with his sister, Bailey, who inspired him to run cross country. Together, they like to go shopping together, and go grab a bite to eat.

“I like having enough free time to take out of my day to spend with my family,” Freeland said.

Being a full time athlete and trying to manage family time, is not always the easiest, but Freeland manages to do so.

Next to spending time with family and friends, Nolan likes to practice for the basketball season. Bailey and Nolan enjoy playing against each other to practice for their seasons.