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Colts News · Meet the Colts: Matt Stoner and Brooke Swain

Boys’ Track and Field Feature: Matt Stoner

By Zachary Munchick

 For senior Matt Stoner, this will be the final curtain call in his six-year Track and Field career.  He is optimistic, that it just may be the best one yet for the boys’ track team.

 “I think this year we can compete with the best teams in the league and we can possibly win the PTC,” Stoner said.

 The grit and toughness of the sport is what allows Stoner to continue to grow.

 “I like track because it really challenges your physical and mental strength and it pushes you to the max your body can do,” Stoner said.  

 The team is constantly working out and trying to improve and get better.

 “We always have workouts during the week, and they suck a lot, but it makes us better,” Stoner said.

 The team is constantly preparing and getting ready for a big meet.

 “We have a warm-up routine to get ready for our races,” Stoner said.  “We stretch and warm up by running some fast sprints to get us going.”

 Stoner’s favorite athlete is someone who is no stranger to success and winning at the highest level.

 “My favorite athlete is Tom Brady because he’s the GOAT, and he went to Michigan,” Stoner said.

 Stoner has always been a football player, but track has become a hobby and passion.

 “I got into track because I wanted to get into shape for football season and get faster,” Stoner said.


Softball Feature: Brooke Swain

By Nate Powalie

 This year, the softball team will be graduating 12 seniors, including four-year veteran Brooke Swain.

 Swain is a two-sport star and a fierce competitor, with softball in the spring and volleyball in the fall.

 “I really like our team’s chances this year, especially with the emergence of Alli Gray last year and the developing underclassmen who are starting to play really well,” Swain said.

 Swain really enjoys the game of softball and the competitive aspects of the game.

 “The reason why I enjoy playing softball is because of the competitive nature and the great chemistry surrounding the team. What makes softball a great competitive sport is the energy from both teams and how well they play as units,” Swain said.

 Swain has individual goals and the whole team is looking forward to improving as a unit.

 “My team has worked harder and has set a mission to be even better than last year,” Swain said.

 Most softball and baseball players have little rituals that help them focus on the task at hand.

“I usually give myself an extra tap on the bat to help me prepare for any league game,” Swain said.

 Swain knows a good swing when she sees one and that is what impresses her most about one of her favorite athletes.

 “My favorite athlete is Alex Rodriguez, and what makes him so special is his smooth swing,” Swain said.

 Swain has been involved in softball for over 10 years now.  It was a passion that started at a young age for her.

 “I think I got involved in softball because I saw people around me getting into baseball and the teamwork surrounding the sport, and so therefore I decided that I would play,” Swain said about her influence.

 “I’m also involved in volleyball, Student Council, and NHS,” Swain said about her high school activities.

 Swain hopes she can help her team to achieve great success this season, and hopefully a deep run in the postseason.  With so much experience, the Colts are hoping to get that opportunity.