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Baseball Feature: Al Kozma

By Jeff Thacker and Rocco Pearce

 The Cloverleaf boys’ Varsity baseball team had a very rough season last year. They only had one win, with many many close games.  Senior Al Kozma and the team are ready to step it up for this campaign.

 Kozma is preparing for the season by training every day with his team. In the spirit of baseball, he is growing out his hair like the other teammates to maybe give them a good luck edge over the opponents this season.

 Kozma has really grown to appreciate the game.

 “I love this sport to death man,” Kozma said.  “I would do anything to play all year around.”

 Kozma knows that his team has worked hard to put themselves in a better position to win this season.  

 “Our team is training harder than it ever has going from preseason to now,” Kozma said.

 This baseball player has plenty of hope for his team’s season as long as the weather will allow them to play.

 “The weather this year hasn’t allowed us to play many games at home, but our trip to Florida allowed us to get our first glimpse of the team on a baseball field.”

 The first time Kozma saw his team on a real field was on the team’s trip to Florida. He felt a great emotion come over him as he realized that it was his last time going on a trip for high school baseball with his teammates.

 “It sucks that it’s my last year as a senior, but you just have to make the best of it,” Kozma said.

 After Kozma graduates, he is still confident in the team as a whole and believes that they will do great in the seasons to come.

 “We had about 30 freshman tryout this year and we are starting two to three of them on Varsity,” Kozma said.  We have A LOT of talent coming to our team in the next couple years.”


Boys’ Varsity Track and Field Feature: Adam Oren

By Emma Birckbichler and Lesly Medina

 On and off the track, senior Adam Oren is a star athlete. Aside from playing wide receiver on the Cloverleaf High School Varsity Football team, Oren also participates in the high jump, long jump, 4×100, and 4×200 on the boys’ Varsity Track team.

 “I like my team’s chances a lot this year because, we have strong individuals in each event.” Oren said.

 Oren has participated in Track in 7th and 8th grade down at Cloverleaf Middle School and picked it up again during his sophomore year at CHS.

 “Football got me interested in Track because I needed a good workout in between the seasons. Also, my good friends, Austin Greer and Joe Nespeca, ran my sophomore year, and encouraged me to join the team,” Oren said.

 Between academics and athletics, Oren is very dedicated to practicing these two things.

 “My favorite athlete would have to be Edwin Encarnacion simply because he is the best at what he does,” Oren said.

 Oren is always impressed with his teammates and their drive to put forth maximum effort.

 “My team works very hard and we are very dedicated  to what we do,” Oren said.

 The Cloverleaf Track team practices Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3-5:30 p.m.  They have meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

 “Track is a great sport because the feeling of winning is great,” Oren said. “The way we all work together to win is a feeling I never want to forget.”

 The Track and Field team is off to a great start and the boys hope to continue to impress the competition.