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Colts News · Athlete Spotlight: Girls Basketball and Wrestling

Girls’ Basketball Feature: Maddie Boltz

By Jeff Thacker and David Slayton

 Cloverleaf’s Maddie Boltz had a limited role on the Varsity basketball team last year. This year, she is looking to increase her playing time and cause a positive impact during her junior season.

 Boltz has many expectations for this year. Some are for the team and, others are for herself.

 “Well, one of my main goals is to help the team as much as I can. I also want to become as close as I can with my teammates and send the seniors out with a good season,” says Boltz.

 Boltz has a couple of inspirational quotes that she will play her season with, and project towards her teammates.

 “The quote ‘Play today like you can’t play tomorrow’ is by far one of my favorites,” says Boltz.

 These quotes will be with her and will keep her motivated all year. Besides school and extracurricular activities, Boltz enjoys many other activities in her free time.

 “I love watching Christmas movies, playing basketball, eating, hanging out with my friends, and of course, playing with my dog, Lilly, and my cat named Fat Cat,” Boltz says.

 Maddie is going to be putting in a lot of work this season and is striving to do very well, not just for herself, but for the team.

Wrestling Feature: Jake Arnold

By Paige Benham and Nyah Hansen

  Jake Arnold, a sophomore at Cloverleaf High School, has been wrestling for 12 years.

  He loves to lift and run to get ready for the season!

  Arnold loves the sport and the environment that surrounds it. He also loves the competition and the effort he has to put in to become a champion.

  The environment of the team has a lot to do with their success.

  “It takes a whole team to win even though it is an individual sport,” said Arnold. “If you do not have a good team, you probably will not succeed yourself.”

  Arnold’s biggest achievement since he started wrestling was going to State and he hopes to do it again this year.

  “LeBron James always strives for greatness and never gives up,” Arnold said.  “He always does the best for his team.”

  When he is not training, Arnold enjoys hanging out with his friends and riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers.

  Arnold likes most other sports besides soccer.  He enjoys playing football, basketball, baseball, and running track.

  The Cloverleaf Colts wrestlers started their season this past weekend, and Arnold finished 2nd in the 113-weight class.